Born to Hula Ghost of Ancho Hot Sauce

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Born to Hula’s super-natural sauce has a sweet smokey heat that's not for the weak! Made from their Habanero Ancho Sauce, they added smoked Bhut Jolokia peppers, aka ghost peppers (one of the hottest peppers in the world). Packed with flavor and ghostly heat this sauce will definitely creep up on you!

TRY IT ON: Steak brisket, ribs, burgers, grilled chicken, pulled pork, jambalaya, chili, wings, or anything you would like to add some smokey heat to.


PRO REVIEW: Born to Hula Ghost of Ancho Hot Sauce Review by Bill Moore

Customer Reviews for Born to Hula Ghost of Ancho Hot Sauce

Drew H. - 08/22/2017


Ghost of Ancho was one of the selections in my first Fuego Box and my favorite so far. It is quite hot with a wonderful smoky flavor! I've used it on steak, sausage, burritos, and baked potatoes. Talk about making an ordinary baked potato into something special! Great stuff--highly recommended!

Firas M. - 08/08/2017


This is a grade A hot sauce. Put it on anything. It has a bold flavor similar to its bold color. Definitely taste the ancho and has a little bit of smoky flavor. A great heat goes along with this

Daniel P. - 08/03/2017

Love this.

Born to Hula is fantastic. It's so far second fiddle only to Spooky White, which is probably the highest regarded one so far. The heat is great and tastes amazing on just about everything. Highly recommend.

David M. - 07/20/2017

This is a good heat source for lots of things.

I have tried it on a number of items from grilled chicken to my breakfast eggs and the flavor just works. Great heat and strong finish, not for the timid.

Melissa L. - 05/17/2017

Love it

One of my favorites from Fuego Box, I ordered more immediately.

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