Bronx Greenmarket Hot Sauce (Green)

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Product Description

This Bronx Greenmarket Hot Sauce was born in the Spring of 2014 when Small Axe Peppers donated more than 3,500 serrano pepper plants to GrowNYC’s community garden partners. Chef King Phojanakong selected serranos because they grow well in the city’s climate. The peppers were brought back from the gardens during the fall harvest to create a truly local hot sauce that tastes great and supports community gardens and local farms.

TRY IT ON: An egg sandwich, tacos, oysters, steak, chicken, fish, and pork. This hot sauce all day, every day, on all meals.

INGREDIENTS: Apple Cider Vinegar, Serrano Peppers, Garlic, Onion, Sugar, Salt.


Customer Reviews for Bronx Greenmarket Hot Sauce (Green)

John M. - 12/01/2017

#1 Green Hot Sauce for a proud New Yorker

I love green hot sauces because of the variety and brightness usually offered by their profile. This is my absolute GO TO if you like a nice verde. Great flavor, nice heat, but not so hot than you need to be cautious with it. Highly recommend.

Christopher M. - 12/01/2017

Nice Green Sauce

I usually don't go for the green sauces but when this came in a box I had to give it a go, especially as a native New Yorker. Great flavor for one of my first bottled green hot sauces!

Adam A. - 11/30/2017

All Timer

One of my favorite of all time.

Bill M. - 11/20/2017

Solid sauce

Had this sauce on many things and it went well with all.

Chris B. - 03/13/2017

Good sauce if you like ACV

The apple cider vinegar (ACV) flavors really are at the front of this sauce. I thought it was good but I couldn't use it every day, but it has a place in my hot sauce rotation. I actually liked it a lot with eggs/breakfast burrito, etc. There is a mild spice and has flavors similar to adobo.

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