Hotmaple Smokey Habanero Hot Sauce

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Product Description

Over a decade in the making, Hotmaple Smokey Habanero sauce is crafted in Portland, Oregon from the best all-natural ingredients available. Grade A dark maple syrup is used to temper the fruity kick of fresh habaneros in a one-of-a-kind smokey habanero hot sauce. While the habanero punches, the maple soothes, and a proprietary spice blend elevates the whole sauce into a rich symphony of flavors.

TRY IT ON: Brussels sprouts, salmon, pulled pork, chicken marinades, and stir-fry. This sauce also caramelizes nicely in high-temperature cooking.


PRO REVIEW: Hotmaple Smokey Habanero Hot Sauce Review by Bill Moore

Customer Reviews for Hotmaple Smokey Habanero Hot Sauce

Mark L. - 07/28/2016

Great Balance

Liked the first shipment from Fuego Box so much, we added a new page, Hot Corner, to pizzapix blog on Wordpress! The first entry on the page: "This a great tasting hot sauce that uses maple syrup to balance the heat of the habanero – a truly great combination. Generally, I am not a habanero fan but the sweetness takes off just enough of the heat to provide a very nice level of heat. Somewhere in the middle of the second (cumulative) tablespoon, the heat built to a noticeable level – but the chilled Turbo Dog was there in relief! The ‘test kitchen’ application was on cold roasted pork and cold Creole Pizza – nothing like a little hot sauce on cold food for a summer treat. The sauce paired very well with the pork, as well as the pizza – though warm pizza may have been a better play."

Michael M. - 07/28/2016

Great with Chicken

Enjoy the thick texture of this sauce along with the use of maple syrup. Just the write amount of smoke for the sauce's flavor! Great way to upgrade bland food.

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