Jak Jeckel Pepper Sauce


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Jak Jeckel is a small-batch sauce maker based out of Philadelphia. The sole purpose for creating the company was to create rich, flavorful, gourmet pepper sauces without the traditional salt and vinegar base and blistering heat of many hot sauces. Their unique non-vinegar approach separates Jak Jeckel Pepper Sauce from the crowd. This sauce starts with a rich smoky pepperiness and an initial habanero-style heat, which then leads into a subtle salty-sweet, citrus-noted flavor; finally, it ends with an even, yet not overbearing burn.

TRY IT ON: Eggs, bacon, hash browns, salads, burgers, dogs, hoagies, BBQ, red meat, pork, poultry, wings, seafood, pastas, pizza, in a Bloody Mary, or add a few drops in your beer.


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