Lucky Dog Year of the Dog Hot Sauce

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Product Description

Lucky Dog’s brand new creation throws aside any preconceived notions of what a fruit-based hot sauce is, with pronounced pineapple overtones blending seamlessly with red Thai chiles. Rarely is such a sauce particularly spicy, savory, or versatile. Year of the Dog combines all three characteristics to expand the boundaries of what a pineapple hot sauce can be.

TRY IT ON: Thai curries, spring rolls, Vietnamese soups, BBQ pork vermicelli dishes, steak, shrimp, salmon, chicken, teriyaki, BBQ, Chinese, Mexican, Indian, and Italian foods.


Customer Reviews for Lucky Dog Year of the Dog Hot Sauce

Bill M. - 03/15/2017

Awesome hot sauce!

Year of the dog. Thai chili, pineapple, with toasted onion, roasted garlic, toasted sesame, honey, ginger and lime with Aleppo peppers.

Jordan B. - 03/14/2017

My Favorite

This is, hands down, the best hot sauce I've ever had on pizza. It's got nice heat without being overpowering and the sweet/savory combo works really well. Get a bottle (or a dozen) you won't regret it.

cristopher h. - 03/14/2017

My absolute favorite.

This sauce is the best I've gotten here. I love it SO MUCH. And it's good on everything. I wish it was more available, though- as it's been sold out twice I wanted to get some. Seriously, this stuff is fantastic.

Chris B. - 03/13/2017

Better than any Sriracha!

This sauce is a really unique but awesome hot sauce, probably wouldn't have tried it if it wasn't for Fuego Box but so glad I discovered it! Good heat level (could be a bit hotter), really characteristic thai chili flavor that blends great with the sweet pineapple and notable toasted sesame seeds. Definitely a savory hot sauce with a great thick consistency that goes well on chicken and in a variety of sandwiches, way beyond just on Asian food! I've loved pairing it with BBQ!

Alana H. - 03/10/2017

Pretty Good

I do enjoy this hot sauce, but it isn't my go to one. However, I enjoy it with tacos.

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