Nam Prik Hot Sauce

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Nam Prik (literally "fluid chili") was inspired by founder Erick’s old family recipe and is made with fish sauce, vinegar, garlic, and thai chilis. After 18 months of experimenting, Erick finally got the recipe right. The flavor is bright without being mouth-numbing and has a zing that will widen your eyes but not make them water. An incredibly unique blend of authentic Asian flavor, strong aromatic components, and a spicy edge.

TRY IT ON: Shrimp fried rice, roasted meats, carne asada tacos, scrambled eggs, as a marinade, and in mojitos (for a nice summer kick).


PRO REVIEW: Nam Prik Hot Sauce Review by Bill Moore

Customer Reviews for Nam Prik Hot Sauce

Kyle G. - 03/10/2017

This is Why I Fuego Box

This sauce is the exact reason I have a subscription. This is not a sauce I normally would have sought out. However, I am a big fan of the asian style flavor. It goes great on fried rice. I also recommend just a small bit on scrambled eggs, especially if served with sauted vegetables.

Paul S. - 03/09/2017

Great blend of flavors

The Nam Prik sauce has a great blend of flavors that one wouldn't expect in the same sauce. Because of this fact, unless one requires intense flavors coating the tongue, I have found this best used while cooking or to add a small punch to certain drinks / sauces that will keep guests guessing how you do it.

Mark L. - 07/28/2016

Excellent with Homemade Fried Rice

As advertised, this sauce was an excellent accompaniment to homemade shrimp fried rice. Another Fuego Box sauce with a fantastic combination of flavor and heat.

Michael M. - 07/28/2016

Umami Hot Sauce

This is an insanely flavorful hot sauce. Incredible for cooking. A little bit goes a long way.

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