Red Robot Classic Hot Sauce

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Product Description

A traditional, Veracruz-styled hot sauce by way of Atlanta, GA, Red Robot's Hot Sauce blends flame-roasted ripe jalapeños, sweet onion, fresh garlic, and cilantro. Though not exceedingly hot due to the base pepper, this versatile sauce's amazingly fresh flavor will accentuate and compliment the dishes you put it on, not overpower them.

TRY IT ON: Eggs, pizza, fish, oysters, wings (or any chicken in general), and um... pretty much anything.


Customer Reviews for Red Robot Classic Hot Sauce

Stacey H. - 03/13/2017

A great go-to hot sauce

I would put this in the realm of Tobasco, a nice go-to all around hot sauce. Good flavors, not too much spice. Love it on pizza.

Bennett J. - 03/11/2017

Everything Sauce

I like this stuff a lot.. Goes on EVERYTHING. Would recommend that everyone keep a bottle in the fridge.

James R. - 03/10/2017

Nice Heat

When you want something more than your basic Tabasco sauce. It has a balanced flavor and heat so not over powering. I recommend it for everyday use on anything you want some heat on.

Brett V. - 03/10/2017

A better Tabasco

A standard hot sauce. It's good, but its not really why you come to Fuego Box. It is a better version of Tabasco.

Chris M. - 03/10/2017

A little vinegar-y

I found this to be a little bit generic, like other super vinegar based hot sauces. The heat was good, but the flavor needed a little something more. Also, the sauce was pretty thin.

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