Sweet Savina Sunrise S3 Hot Sauce

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Chris of C&C Foods got his inspiration for S3 while on medical mission trips to Tanzania, where he fell in love with the local Indian fare. After years of making hot sauce in his kitchen, Chris finally shared his best recipe, S3, with the public. Currently made one small batch at a time in Charleston, SC, S3 only includes fresh peppers, mangos, onions, and garlic. This sauce provides a unique flavor that leaves just enough heat behind for a pleasant post-meal buzz.

TRY IT ON: Stir fry, gumbo, jambalaya, fish tacos, eggs, and in Bloody Marys.


Customer Reviews for Sweet Savina Sunrise S3 Hot Sauce

Shawn F. - 03/10/2017


A little hot for me but great if you can handle the heat.

Joey D. - 03/10/2017


Perfect blend of sweet and hot

Tyler R. - 03/10/2017

I dig the citrus

This is a great example of a hot and sweet sauce done right. Love the hint of mango against the heat.

Jamin L. - 03/10/2017

Ying and Yang, Sweet with Spicy

This has been one of my favorite hot sauces that i've gotten in my monthly pack. Its got a great kick for those of you looking for some heat too while incorporating unique tropical/citrus fruit flavor not seen in many hot sauces. Think of kinda like a island version of sweet chili sauce with the extra kick hot heads are wanting.

Mike E. - 03/10/2017

Spicy and Sweet

Spicy and sweet - perfect for fish, chicken, and almost everything else. I've ordered this many times after receiving it in a fuego box - it only lasts me a few weeks because I enjoy it so much.

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