Fuego Box's Trusted Advisors & Hot Sauce Experts

Eyal Goldshmid

Fat Cat Gourmet Foods

Fuego Box Advisory Board Member Eyal Goldshmid is co-owner of the award-winning Fat Cat Hot Sauces. In addition to creating unique flavor combinations, he loves discovering and sampling new and exotic culinary delights, as well as exploring that magical middle ground where flavor and heat meet.

Jeremy Walsh

Bigfat's Hot Sauce

Jeremy Walsh of Bigfat's Hot Sauce specializes in creating unique hot sauces and spicy condiments fueled by heat, imagination and the world around us. With over 5 years in the industry he has had the opportunity to experience a wide array of products and flavor profiles.

Ken Alexander

It's a Fiery World

Ken Alexander is a self-professed Chilehead, or lover of hot and spicy food. In addition to blog activity, Ken can be found reviewing products and covering hot sauce and fiery food festivals via his Facebook page and You Tube channel. He also has a regular segment titled "Ken's Fiery World" on Scott Robert's "Weekly Firecast" podcast at

His Story: It all started in the mid 1990’s when Ken was living in New Iberia, La, the epicenter of Tabasco, Louisiana Hot Sauce, and Cajun cuisine. Slowly but surely Ken's taste buds started up the ladder of heat, rung by spicy rung. He bought Jennifer Trainer Thompson’s first edition hot sauce poster as a conversation piece for his office, and started a mission of sampling sauces from that poster. A few years later, Ken was living in Tennessee, and BBQ was king. Ken was trained as a Memphis in May BBQ judge, and judged the Tennessee state BBQ championship. Shortly thereafter, he was introduced to Dave’s Insanity Sauce, his wife bought him a bottle of Scorned Woman, and the rest, as they say, is history. His passion was fully entrenched.

Shellie Mierwald

Sweet Heat Gourmet

Fuego Box Advisory Board Member Shellie Mierwald's passion for the culinary world started as soon as she could see over the counter. She was a chef at 19 and ran a kitchen in a restaurant in Naugatuck, CT . After taking time to raise her family, Shellie pursued a degree in Culinary Arts, graduating from the Pennsylvania College of Technology Culinary Arts Program in 2011. An avid chilehead already, Shellie then began buying produce from the local farmers' market and creating hot sauces and BBQ sauce for family and friends. This is how Sweet Heat Gourmet came to be. Today, Shellie is dedicated to creating flavorful, well-balanced hot sauces using as much local produce as possible. You'll even find the name of the local farms on each bottle of sauce.

Bill Moore

Bill Moore's Hot & Spicy Reviews on YouTube

Bill Moore is a hot sauce and chile pepper product reviewer and lover of all things hot and spicy. Bill started reviewing sauces on his YouTube channel in April 2013. He is well respected and known throughout the chilehead community for his thorough product reviews. "Bill Moore's Hot & Spicy Reviews" focus on no-nonsense, detailed, and informative reviews on all types of hot and spicy products, but especially hot sauces and fresh chili peppers. Bill says that as more and more people steadily become adventuresome eaters, we are now setting a place at the dinner table for hot sauce and other spicy products on a regular basis. His channel is designed to help others find the very best in small-batch gourmet hot & spicy products, making Bill a perfect fit for the Fuego Box Advisory Board.



Note: Advisors have been selected because of their (a) passion for the hot sauce industry and (b) general knowledge of bringing products to market in this category. No Fuego Box advisor has or had any influence in selecting hot sauces in which they would realize financial gains. If any advisor's products are in our boxes, their sauces were selected before becoming an advisor. We take great pride in our selection process and think you'll find our sauces very diverse and incredibly tasty. Want to see our selection process in action? Email us about coming to one of our Los Angeles hot sauce tasting parties.