Frequently Asked Questions

1. When do subscription boxes ship out?

General: Your very 1st subscription Fuego Box is sent out as soon as possible. Generally within 7 days. Shipping within the U.S. takes an additional 2-6 days. When it ships, you'll be sent an email with tracking information. After that 1st box, you'll receive your next box on your regularly scheduled monthly or quarterly schedule. Your sign-up date determines your schedule.

For instance, if you sign-up on December 10th, your 1st box will ship out around December 17th. If you're on a monthly subscription, your next box will ship early February. Your first box was technically a January Box that we shipped out early, which is why your next box ships in February. If you're on a quarterly plan, your 2nd box would ship early April.

2. How do renewals work?

Renewals occur the 20th of the month preceding your next box. For instance, if you sign-up for a monthly subscription on December 10th, your first box will be a January Box (although you will likely receive it in December). Your subscription will then renew on January 20th for a February Box. If you signed up for a quarterly box on December 10th, your renewal wouldn't be until March 20th for an April Box. It renews a bit early so you have time to update your address, update billing, or even cancel and refund your renewal.

3. What's your cancelation policy? How do I skip a shipment if I have too much sauce?

Cancel anytime. Skip a shipment. We always make it easy. Just login to cancel your account or skip a shipment. If you're confused, just email us. Keep in mind canceling your account just keeps it from renewing in the future. It does not cancel any shipments you have already paid for.

4. Box Sequencing (which sauces come in which boxes).

Your first shipment will always be Box #1. Box #1 does not change, no matter the month you order. After your first shipment, you will receive whatever that month's box is. We operate this way so that we can include a little something special in everyone's first shipment. If you have any questions, please email us.

5. How do gift subscriptions work?

Sign-up for "give as gift" to send a a gift subscription to someone. Our system will send the gift recipient an email on a date you select. This email will have a link for your gift recipient to sign-up on our site and enter in their own shipping information. They will receive however many boxes you prepaid for and the subscription will automatically end after the prepaid boxes have run out. If you need to resend the gift email, change the email address, etc., please contact us for assistance. We're here to help!

6. Do you ship internationally?

We currently ship to many international locations. Simply pick a subscription, check out, and enter your address to see how much it costs to ship to your country. Hot sauce is heavy and expensive to ship, not to mention fragile. We cannot guarantee the safety of our international shipments but will work with our customers to get it right. Some countries also charge their citizens duties, tariffs, or taxes on shipments coming from the United States. We have no control over these added charges and cannot be responsible for them. It's important to know your country's policy on shipments coming from the United States. Do not hesitate to email us with questions regarding international shipping. All prices are in U.S. Dollars.

7. Do you ever include extract-based hot sauces?

Of course not! We feel that pepper extracts have a chemically bitter taste. Since our focus is taste, we would never include extract hot sauces.

8. Why are your boxes so expensive?

Our boxes are not cheap, but that's because we do not shy away from the highest quality, small-batch hot sauces. You'll never be able to buy a box's items individually for a cheaper price, guaranteed.

9. How do you select your hot sauces?

By having a hot sauce tasting party, of course! Every few months we invite a mix of amateur and expert hot sauce lovers over to our place in Los Angeles and have a tasting party. If you're interested in coming to our next tasting party, shoot us an email. Additionally, we test all hot sauces extensively in-house and get advice from our awesome advisory team.

NOTE:If you are picky with the types of sauces you like, we suggest you DO NOT sign-up. With FuegoBox, you should expect anything and everything. That being said, we focus on flavor over 'ass-burning heat' and always avoid gimmicky hot sauces.