Gold Coast Hot Sauce

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Product Description

Gold Coast was born from founders Chris & Cindy's first venture into the hot sauce world, Sweet Savina Sunrise (featured in Fuego Box). The South Carolina-grown and sourced garlic, onions, and bell peppers shine through, while fatalii peppers add a unique citrus accent. Gold Coast is handmade and bottled one small batch at a time and pays homage to Charleston's beautiful bridge, sunshine, and heat.

TRY IT ON: Tacos of all types (especially dorado, pork, or chorizo). Adds a great bounce to traditional dishes such as channa masala or any curry.


Customer Reviews for Gold Coast Hot Sauce

Aaron H. - 03/10/2017

Amazing taste!

This sauce was delicious on fish tacos. Just enough sweet with the heat to give it plenty of flavor. Highly recommend

Katie P. - 03/10/2017

One of my favorites.

Love the sweetness of the sauce, but it's definitely not an overpowering sweetnesss. It's a great heat level too. Hot but not so hot that I can't eat a bucket of it in one sitting. Great mix of flavors. Sometimes I just eat it in frackers because it's so yummy.

Stan T. - 03/10/2017

Very good sauce

I enjoy this sauce a lot. I like to put it in chili and soups. Adds a nice level of heat with a nice tangy taste.

William B. - 03/10/2017

Delicious medium hot sweet sauce

This sauce is truly incredible. It has a relatively gentle, but persistent heat that can hold up to a number of applications, but won't send anyone crying for a glass of milk. The heat is nicely balanced by a fresh mango sweetness. It is great as an accompaniment to almost any dish, but I think I like it best on simple dishes like grits or rice where it can shine on it's own. It has enough complexity to stand by itself.

Russ M. - 03/09/2017

Drink this like a shot

I went through this one wayyyyy too quickly, it's like a hot wine.

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