Horsetooth Smokestack Lightning Hot Sauce

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Product Description

Out of Fort Collins, CO, Horsetooth Hot Sauce is a family run company that has been crafting that warm feeling since 2008. Smokestack Lightning is a smoky sauce that pairs smoked chipotle peppers and cayenne with fresh garlic. This sauce smolders with a complexity of flavors that ignites taste buds, and will fire up any dish with this classic, smoky favorite.

TRY IT ON: Tacos, enchiladas, burritos, chimichangas, boring sandwiches, pizza, and in soups.


Customer Reviews for Horsetooth Smokestack Lightning Hot Sauce

Veronica P. - 03/27/2017

Nice smoky flavor

I love this hot sauce. It's smoky and has good flavor, so it pairs well with just about anything that needs some extra flavor--including breakfast tacos!

ryan h. - 03/11/2017

Simply phenomenal

This was outstanding. 3.5/10 on the heat for me, and an amazing flavor. smoky and roasty with a delicious chipotle touch. If I was scrooge mcduck, I'd have a silo of this.. and maybe swim in it.

John D. - 03/10/2017

Dig it

This sauce is a nice combo of cayenne and garlic. Made wings with a parm garlic sauce using this....delicious.

Peter F. - 03/10/2017

The Best Smoky

I love the smoky sauces. Out of the sauces I have received from Fuego Box this is my favorite smoky sauce. Wingd and dillas are great with this sauce. Will buy again.

Alejandro C. - 03/10/2017


I am already in my 3rd bottle. I love this hot sauce with my rice, tacos and meats. Love the combination of smoky & garlic, this one is a winner and a must have!

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