How to Buy a Fuego Friend NFT

How to Buy a Fuego Friend NFT

Now is the time to get your Ethereum wallet set-up, buy some ETH, and get a Fuego Friend NFT! Below is a quick guide.

There is more info available at and we also are answering questions in the Fuego Friends Discord:


Buying NFTs is easier and less risky than you may think. If you’re new to NFTs, here’s a quick HOW-TO

1. Download a Metamask Wallet:

2. During setup, you’ll create a password and receive a “Seed Phrase.” Your Seed Phrase is an additional password created for added security. Write it down and store it somewhere safe. Never share it. If you lose your password, you can use your Seed Phrase to recover your wallet. 

3. Download and set up an account on a cryptocurrency exchange like Coinbase or Voyager or This is where you’ll buy Ethereum (ETH). 

4. Our mint is .05 ETH plus a gas fee. You should buy .1 ETH per NFT you want to mint to account for a spike in gas fees. It will likely be much less than .1 ETH. You can buy it on Coinbase or similar and transfer it to your Metamask wallet using your unique wallet address. 

5. Once Fuego Friends NFTs go on sale, click Connect at the top of the page on and connect your Metamask wallet. Your wallet will pop-up and you will be prompted to sign and pay for your transaction. You’ll see a fee of .05 ETH plus an additional gas fee, which can vary depending on how busy the Ethereum network is. 

6. Once your purchase has been confirmed, your Fuego Friend NFT will be viewable in your wallet or on and other marketplaces.


Helpful Videos

How to install Metamask on Chrome:

How to transfer ETH from Coinbase to Metamask:


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